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As a beauty industry professional, acquiring and retaining existing clientele is key to any successful operation. The astute professional also knows that merely investing in new technology or equipment is not enough, he/she must invest wisely. Whether you already own an IPL device for hair removal or are just learning about its features, an IPL machine may be your smartest investment. Ever. Known and used by many for permanent hair removal for a number a years, an IPL machine is an all-in-one skin enhancement super hero that performs a multitude of skin rejuvenation functions with ease and efficacy. An IPL machine can literally build your business on its inherent functions alone. Like we said; super hero.


Anyone wanting to correct skin tone, acne scarring, surface lines and wrinkles, blotchiness, broken capillaries and enlarged pores. In other words, a pretty good segment of the population and your existing clientele. IPL allows technicians to make visible skin improvements in a short period of time with minimal risk or downtime.


During an IPL treatment, high energy light waves are used to diminish many of the most common concerns or aging or problematic skin. This includes fine lines and discoloration due to UV damage or hormonal fluctuations. IPL light encourages the production of collagen, causing the skin to appear more smooth and elastic. With each treatment, the results of IPL photo rejuvenation become more evident.


Those with wrinkles, freckles, age spots, enlarges pores, acne scars and fine wrinkles may benefit from an IPL photo facial. A consultation with a professional IPL treatment provider will identify whether you are suitable for an IPL treatment.

There is possibly no other cosmetic device that can outperform an IPL machine when it comes to getting the most out of your investment and filling your appointment book. The award-winning SuperLUX, UltraLUX V1 and UltraLUX V4 are among the most advanced and versatile on the market today.

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