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The Real Difference Between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

The term “laser hair removal” is as ingrained in aesthetic industry parlance as “googling” is to the general public. To make matters worse, a price-conscious public and a very competitive coupon market lure consumers to purchase hair removal sessions without examining the equipment used or even if they may be contraindicated for the service. Knowledge is not only your secret weapon, it is the key to your success as an aesthetic practitioner.

Whether you wish to upgrade your current equipment, dive into the lucrative hair removal market, or seeking to provide additional services to a stable client base, choosing the right hair removal device is a vital business decision that can measurably increase your profits if you do a little homework.

Laser Hair Removal Machines use a singular concentrated beam of light to damage the hair follicle to inhibit hair growth. It can be performed anywhere on the body including bikini, underarms, face, chest and back.

New technologies, like the -7 ‘C cooling feature of the Laser Sapphire eliminate the pain that has been previously associated with laser hair removal. It is also able to be used on a range of skin types, while the lightweight and ergonomic handle and colour LCD touchscreen make it as comfortable for the technician as it is for the client. This is ideal for clinics and spas that intend to make hair removal a featured treatment serving a diverse demographic.

An IPL Machine utilises a multiple wavelength high-powered light with a singular beam.

These pulses target melanin in the hair follicle, which absorbs the light, damages the follicle, thus inhibiting hair growth. With the introduction of IPL advancements such as Dual-Mode (integrating radio frequency) and SHR (rapid, pain-free hair removal), IPL is now available to a broad range of hair types and can be virtually pain-free for consumers.

IPL machines can perform many other skin rejuvenation and skin correction functions making an IPL machine a very smart investment.

For example, the PowerLUX IPL is ideal for those desiring an affordable option with multiple functions, while the SuperLUX SHR IPL has advanced capabilities to deliver a wide range of treatments in a fraction of the time, allowing you to book more clients.

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