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Colonic Irrigation

The Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation is a gentle process on the body, using nature's kindest cleansing agent water to clean out unwanted debris and waste that the body may have difficultly passing.

Colonic hydrotherapy can assist in restoring the body's natural balance and peristalsis, by cleansing the bowel of waste and toxin build up as the result of a busy life style, stress or poor health. Colonic irrigation can assist in restoring a health bowel flora, aiding in digestion and aborption of nutrients.

The Causes of Poor Colonic Functioning

In this day and age of fast food, busy lives and multiple stresses, we often fail to take time to tend to our needs, ensuring adequate hydration and optimal nutrition to enable our digestive tract to function at it's best in nourishing us and eliminating waste.

Poor diet and a sluggish bowel can lead to bacterial overgrowth and and depletion in the natural flora required by the bowel to assist in digestion. Lack of hydration can lead to costipation and hard stools that can impede peristalsis, further degenerating nutritional absorption and colonic function.

What to Expect with Colonic Hydrotherapy

The Colonic Care Therapist will combine colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy with gradual lifelstyle changes to improve colonic health.

Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy helps to clear the bowel of waste, when the colon is struggling to maintain a healthy elimination cycle. It can take several, or more, treatments to assist in cleansing an unhealthy colon of waste.

Colonic health can be restored by the effects of cleansing the colon with colonic irrigation, coupled with the introduction of dietary changes. Improved diet and the introduction of specific vitamin, mineral and digestive enzyme supplements assist in digestion and restore the body's natural and healthy cycle of digestion and energy release to the cells.

Improve Your Vitality and Life Style with Colonic Hydrotherapy

Poor colonic health can lead to poor absorption of nutrients and cause the body to store waste for prolonged periods of time, leading to fatigue and health issues.

Colonic hydrotherpay inproves colonic health optimizing peristalsis and colonic flora to enable the digestive tract to function at it's best, maximising nourishment and waste elimination.

This leads to increased energy, better immune defence and overall improved health. Giving a renewed energy for life and activities. 

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