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Beyond The Reach Of Natural

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Feather Stroke EyeBrow Tattoos

“Beyond The Reach Of Natural Step Into The World Of Glamour”

The latest amazing treatment that enhances any face shape naturally

Eyebrows naturally frame the face, giving natural lines and angles that open up the eyes and enhance cheekbones. Carefully styled eyebrows can enhance the overall beauty of the face and make eyes appear brighter and bigger.

This is a treatment you should put yourself in the hands of a senior experienced professional.

At Beauty in Health all care is taken from the onset and considerations about your hygiene and comfort are paramount. We have the highest strength numbing creams to minimise virtually all feeling.


How Does Feather Stroke Eyebrow Tattooing Work?

At Beauty In Health the feather stroke eyebrow tattoo specialist meticulously tattoos individual strokes replicating eyebrow hairs to give a natural 3D look instead of the old solid 2D block colouring. This gives you thicker, shapelier eyebrows without the pencilled or powered look. 

The old block technique is absolutely out of fashion for good as clients look for a beautiful, natural, younger look.

Feather stroke eyebrow tattoos last from 6 months to 1.5 years and usually require some fill in treatments roughly every six months.

Feather stroke tattoo is suited especially to clients who have thin eyebrows, gaps or eyebrows with short ends.


The Advantages of Feather Stroke Eyebrow Tattoos:

  • Investing in permanent makeup will give you significant savings in time and money buying makeup over a period of several years.
  • Shortens the normal morning routine
  • Enhance appearance and accentuate natural beauty
  • No more smudged make up or uneven application
  • Instantly look younger, thicker more well defined eyebrows are a sign off youth
  • There is virtually no down time
  • Medium to long term solution to damaged brows


Feather stroke eyebrow tattoos makes the daily beauty regime simple. Feather stroke eyebrow tattoo will fill any gaps in sparse, damaged eyebrows. No need for eyebrow pencils and dyes. The powdered or pencilled eyebrow look can still be achieved for special occasions or a change, using make up.

Eyebrow Tattoo Price List

  • Full eyebrow 3D Feather Stroke sculpting $300 (for this month only) Usually $550
  • 3D Feather Stoke Infill $200


Aftercare for Feather Stroke Eyebrow Tattoos

Use after care products as directed by your Beauty In Health therapist.

  • Antibiotic cream such as Bepanthen can be applied every 4 hours for 3 days and –regularly for 6 – 7 days
  • Avoid soap or cleansers 24 hours’ cleansers can interfere with the bonding process between the pigment and the skin.
  • Do not remove any scaling/ scabs that occur, let it fall off naturally.
  • Avoid makeup over the newly tattooed area for 5 days after the treatment
  • Avoid swimming, spas, saunas or beaches 14 days after the treatment
  • Understand the colour and definition immediately after the procedure will appear brighter (due to oxygenation), this will soften in 3 – 10 days (due to healing/ scab formation) and then re-strengthen (once healing has completed) to what it will be in 4 weeks
  • Apply a cold compress for 10 minutes can help to alleviate any swelling
  • Be aware the eyebrows may weep a clear fluid and this is normal, just dab it off gently
  • Do not exfoliate
  • Keep out of the sun avoiding heat and chemicals (Chlorine)


Tattoo Training Workshop Includes:

Learn one of the fastest growing and widely sought after treatment in beauty today!

Learn the professional techniques’ and the art of enhancing a natural brow with the 3D Feather Stroke Technique.

Cost Of Workshop

  • Class of 3 or more $1000
  • One on one training $1500

How amazing you can come to any other class to brush up on your technique for free.

Course outline includes

  • Benefits of a tattoo                                                        
  • What is Feather Stroke Eyebrows?                                         
  • Contraindications                                                                                            
  • Regulations and insurance for cosmetic tattooing                            
  • Products used and suppliers                                                                      
  • Instructions prior to appointment                                           
  • Aftercare instructions                                                   
  • Eyebrow design                               
  • Application technique   
  • Infills                                                                    
  • HD volume technique                   
  • Client Questionnaire    
  • Disclaimer
  • Assessment and workshop certificate


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